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PostSharp.Sdk.WeavingSymbols Namespace

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Public classSymAnnotation
Public classSymAspectClass
Represents an aspect class (typically, a type or a method) in a symbol document.
Public classSymAspectInstance
Represents an aspect instance in a symbol file. This concept corresponds to AspectInstance.
Public classSymAspectModule
Represents a symbol document, associated with a single ModuleDeclaration.
Public classSymAspectOrigin
Represents a location in a source artifact.
Public classSymAspectUsage
Represents an aspect usage in a symbol document. A SymAspectUsage corresponds to an instance of custom attribute, which in turn can be applied to multiple targets and generate multiple aspect instances (SymAspectInstance).
Public classSymEvolution
Represents an evolution of a metadata element, for instance when a field is transformed into a property, or when a declaration is renamed.
Public classSymJoinPoint
Represents a join point in a symbol document, i.e. the information that a declaration has been advised by another declaration, as a part of transformations provided by a SymAspectInstance.
Public classWriteWeavingSymbolsTask
Task that writes the symbol file.
Public structureSymJoinPointAttributes
Represents a customizable "metadata" for the advices and aspects that is displayed to the user in Visual Studio.
Public enumerationSymEvolutionKind
Kinds of evolutions represented by SymEvolution. Not really used anywhere.