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CanonicalMethodMapping Properties

The CanonicalMethodMapping type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAvailableContextItems
Set of context items (MethodMappingContextItem) that are available in the current context.
(Inherited from MethodMapping.)
Public propertyGenericMap
Gets the GenericMap mapping the current generic context to the original generic context.
(Overrides MethodMapping.GenericMap.)
Public propertyInstanceType
Gets the type of values of the this reference mapped in the current generic context. If this is a value type (IsValueType is true), the current property is a managed pointer to the value type.
(Overrides MethodMapping.InstanceType.)
Public propertyInstanceValueType
Gets the value type of the this reference, without the managed pointer.
(Overrides MethodMapping.InstanceValueType.)
Public propertyIsValueType
Determines whether the this object is a value type.
(Overrides MethodMapping.IsValueType.)
Public propertyMethodMappingInformation
Gets static information about the current MethodMapping.
(Inherited from MethodMapping.)
Public propertyMethodSignature
Gets the method signature mapped in the current generic context.
(Overrides MethodMapping.MethodSignature.)
Public propertyModule
Gets the current ModuleDeclaration.
(Inherited from MethodMapping.)
Public propertyTask
Gets the parent AspectInfrastructureTask.
(Inherited from MethodMapping.)
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