PostSharp SDK 6.10 / / Class Reference / Post­Sharp.​Sdk.​Aspect­Weaver Namespace / Advice­Group Class / Advice­Group Properties

AdviceGroup Properties

The AdviceGroup type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdvices
Gets the collection of annotations (custom attributes) in the current AdviceGroup.
Public propertyAdviceWeaver
Gets the parent AdviceWeaver.
Public propertyDependencies
Gets the collection of dependencies of the current AdviceGroup.
Public propertyGroupKey
Gets the key of the current AdviceGroup.
Public propertyIsValid
Public propertyMasterAdvice
Protected propertySupportsAdviceParameters
Public propertyWeavingSymbolAttributes
Gets an aggregated "metadata" values for this advice group. The result is based on the corresponding values for each advice of the group.
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