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MethodBodyWrappingTransformationInstance Properties

The MethodBodyWrappingTransformationInstance type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAspectWeaver
Gets the parent AspectWeaver.
(Inherited from AspectWeaverTransformationInstance.)
Public propertyAspectWeaverInstance
Gets the parent AspectWeaverInstance.
(Inherited from AspectWeaverTransformationInstance.)
Public propertyIsCommutative
Determines whether the current object is commutative with any other object, irrespective of dependencies or effects. If yes, then PostSharp can apply it in any order with respect to other objects.
(Inherited from AspectWeaverTransformationInstance.)
Public propertyIsStateMachineAware
Gets or set a value indicating that the transformation should be applied to the state machine (if it's validation or boundary), or should be applied semantically (if it's interception).
Public propertyStateMachineTransformationKind Obsolete.
Protected propertySymJoinPointAttributes
A customizable "metadata" for this aspect weaver transformation instance.
(Inherited from AspectWeaverTransformationInstance.)
Public propertyTransformation
Gets the parent AspectWeaverTransformation.
(Inherited from AspectWeaverTransformationInstance.)
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