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ITypeSignature Properties

The ITypeSignature type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDeclaringAssembly
Gets the declaring assembly.
(Inherited from IModuleElement.)
Public propertyIsGenericDefinition
Determines whether the current instance is a generic definition, i.e. whether it can be used to construct generic instances.
(Inherited from IGeneric.)
Public propertyIsGenericInstance
Determines whether the current instance is a generic instance, i.e. whether it has been constructed from a generic definition.
(Inherited from IGeneric.)
Public propertyIsSealed
Determines whether the type is sealed. When a type is sealed, it not possible to have a type that derives from this type.
Public propertyModule
Gets the declaring module.
(Inherited from IModuleElement.)
Public propertyTypeSignatureElementKind
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