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MethodSpecDeclaration Properties

The MethodSpecDeclaration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
Gets the attributes of the method.
Public propertyCallingConvention
Gets the method calling convention.
Public propertyCustomDebuggingInformation (Inherited from Declaration.)
Public propertyDeclaringType
Gets the declaring type.
Public propertyIsAbstract
Determines whether the method is abstract.
Public propertyIsGenericInstance
Public propertyIsNew
Determines whether the method takes a new slot.
Public propertyIsOriginal
Determines whether the current declaration existed in the source assembly.
(Inherited from MetadataDeclaration.)
Public propertyIsSealed
Determines whether the method is sealed.
Public propertyIsStatic
Determines whether the current member is static.
Public propertyIsVirtual
Determines whether the method is virtual.
Public propertyMetadataToken
Gets or sets the token of the current declaration.
(Inherited from MetadataDeclaration.)
Public propertyName
Public propertyOriginalDeclaration
When the declaration represents another declaration in the source assembly, this property refers to this declaration. When using GetReflectionObject(Type[], Type[], BindingOptions), the original declaration should actually be retrieved.
(Inherited from MetadataDeclaration.)
Public propertyParameterCount
Gets the number of parameters.
Public propertyParentMember
Gets the parent member of the current declaration.
(Overrides MetadataDeclaration.ParentMember.)
Public propertyParentType
Gets the parent type of the current declaration.
(Overrides MetadataDeclaration.ParentType.)
Public propertyReturnType
Gets the return type.
Public propertyVisibility
Gets the Visibility of the current member.
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