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Developing Simple Aspects

Simple aspects are aspects that are composed of a single transformation. Developing a simple aspect in PostSharp is straightforward: you just have to create a new class, derive it from a primitive aspect class, and override some special methods named advices.

If your aspect cannot be implemented as a single transformation, see Developing Composite Aspects.

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Injecting Behaviors Before and After Method Execution

This article shows how to execute code when a method starts, succeeds, or fails, around await operators of async methods, or yield return statements of iterator methods.

Handling Exceptions

This article describes how to write an aspect that handles exceptions.

Intercepting Methods

This article explains how to intercept the execution of methods.

Intercepting Properties and Fields

This article shows how to intercept read and write accesses to fields and properties.

Intercepting Events

This article describes how to intercept the action of adding a delegate to an event, removing a delegate from an event, and invoking a delegate by raising the event.

Introducing Custom Attributes

This article shows how to add a custom attribute to any element of code.

Introducing Managed Resources

This article shows how to add a managed resource to the current assembly.