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FlowBehavior Enumeration

Enumerates the possible behaviors of the calling method after the calling method has returned.

Namespace:  PostSharp.Aspects
Assembly:  PostSharp (in PostSharp.dll) Version: (
public enum FlowBehavior
  Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Default flow behavior for the current method. The default flow is Continue for all advices except for OnException(MethodExecutionArgs) where it is RethrowException.
Continue1 Continue normal method execution. For OnException(MethodExecutionArgs) advice, the Continue behavior works the same way as Return behavior.
RethrowException2 The current exception will be rethrown. Available only for OnException(MethodExecutionArgs).
Return3 Return immediately from the current method. Available only for OnEntry(MethodExecutionArgs) and OnException(MethodExecutionArgs). Note that you may want to set the ReturnValue property, otherwise you may get a NullReferenceException. If there is another OnMethodBoundaryAspect aspect before the current OnMethodBoundaryAspect aspect on the current method, the Return behavior calls the OnSuccess(MethodExecutionArgs) and OnExit(MethodExecutionArgs) methods of the other aspect.
ThrowException4 Throws the exception contained in the Exception property. Available only for OnException(MethodExecutionArgs).
Yield5 Awaits for an awaiter. Available only for OnEntry(MethodExecutionArgs) and OnResume(MethodExecutionArgs) advices applied to async methods.

This enumeration is used by the MethodExecutionArgs class.

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