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ICustomLogRecordBuilder Interface

Allows to build a custom log record (typically, but not necessarily, a string). A log record can be composed of one of several items.

Namespace:  PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Custom
Assembly:  PostSharp.Patterns.Common (in PostSharp.Patterns.Common.dll) Version: 2023.0.3.0 (2023.0.3.0)
public interface ICustomLogRecordBuilder : IDisposable

The ICustomLogRecordBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginWriteItem
Begins to build a specified item.
Public methodComplete
Completes the creation of the record. It must be invoked before Dispose().
Public methodEndWriteItem
Ends building a specified item.
Public methodSetException
Assigns an Exception to the record.
Public methodSetExecutionTime
Sets an execution time to the record.
Public methodWriteCustomParameter<T>
Writes a custom parameter.
Public methodWriteCustomString
Writes a string.
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