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AspectEffectDependencyAttribute Class

Specifies an aspect dependency matching aspects or advices having a given effect.

Namespace: PostSharp.Aspects.Dependencies
Assembly: PostSharp.dll
public sealed class AspectEffectDependencyAttribute : AspectDependencyAttribute

All aspects (except the ones that have an empty implementation) have an effect on the program execution. The current custom attribute allows to express dependencies to aspects according to their effect.

The list of standard effects is given in class StandardEffects. All advices have implicitly the effect Custom. Most advices also have the effect ChangeControlFlow, because they are able to modify the control flow (for instance, skip the execution of the intercepted method or throwing an exception). An aspect or advice can declare it does not have a given effect by using the WaiveAspectEffectAttribute custom attribute.


Name Description
AspectEffectDependencyAttribute(AspectDependencyAction, AspectDependencyPosition, String)

Initializes a new AspectEffectDependencyAttribute and specifies a position.

AspectEffectDependencyAttribute(AspectDependencyAction, String)

Initializes a new AspectEffectDependencyAttribute without specifying the position, implicitly set to Any.


Name Description

Gets the effect that the aspects or advices must have in order to match the current dependency.

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