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CacheKeyBuilder.AppendArgument Method

AppendArgument(UnsafeStringBuilder, Type, Object)

Appends a method argument to an UnsafeStringBuilder. To avoid ambiguities between different overloads of the same method, the default implementation appends both the parameter type and the value key.

[HasInheritedAttribute(new long[]{})]
protected virtual void AppendArgument([Required(AttributeId = 975532479039438878L, AttributePriority = 671088640)] UnsafeStringBuilder stringBuilder, [Required(AttributeId = 975532479039438879L, AttributePriority = 671088640)] Type parameterType, object parameterValue)
Type Name Description
UnsafeStringBuilder stringBuilder

An UnsafeStringBuilder.

Type parameterType

The type of the parameter.

Object parameterValue

The value assigned to the parameter (can be null).