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CacheKeyBuilder.BuildMethodKey Method

BuildMethodKey(MethodInfo, IList<Object>, Object)

Builds a cache key for a given method call.

[HasInheritedAttribute(new long[]{})]
public virtual string BuildMethodKey([Required(AttributeId = 975532479039438873L, AttributePriority = 671088640)] MethodInfo method, [Required(AttributeId = 975532479039438874L, AttributePriority = 671088640)] IList<object> arguments, object instance = null)
Type Name Description
System.Reflection.MethodInfo method

The System.Reflection.MethodInfo representing the method.

System.Collections.Generic.IList<Object> arguments

The arguments passed to the method call.

Object instance

The this instance of the method call, or null if method is static.

Type Description

A string uniquely representing the method call.