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ImportMemberAttribute Class

Custom attribute that, when applied to an instance field of an aspect class, determines that this field should be bound to a method, event or property, of the target class of this aspect. Valid types for fields are a concrete System.Delegate (to bind to a method), Property<TValue> or Property<TValue, TIndex> (to bind to a property), or Event<TDelegate> (to bind to an event).

Namespace: PostSharp.Aspects.Advices
Assembly: PostSharp.dll
public sealed class ImportMemberAttribute : Advice

Fields annotated with the ImportMemberAttribute custom attribute must be public and must not be read only.

At runtime, these fields are assigned to a delegate (in case of method binding) or a pair of delegates (in case of event or property binding) allowing to invoke the imported member.

When IsRequired property is set to true and the target type does not contain a member of the required name and signature, then a build error will be raised.

When multiple member names are specified, the first existing member satisfying all conditions is used.


Name Description

Initializes a new ImportMemberAttribute and specifies a single name for the member to import.


Initializes a new ImportMemberAttribute and specifies several possible names for the member to import.


Name Description

Determines whether a build time error must be issued if the member to be imported is absent. If false, the binding field will be null in case the imported member is absent.


Array of possible names of imported member in the order of precedence.


Determines when the member should be imported: either before (BeforeIntroductions) or after (AfterIntroductions) members have been introduced by the current aspect. Default is BeforeIntroductions.

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