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PostSharp.Patterns.Caching.Backends.Redis Namespace



Removes dependencies added when a RedisCachingBackend when items are expired or evicted from the cache. At least one instance (ideally a single instance) of the RedisCacheDependencyGarbageCollector must be running whenever a RedisCachingBackend instance that supports dependencies is running, otherwise the cache will use storage to store dependencies that are no longer relevant, and will not be removed otherwise. If no RedisCacheDependencyGarbageCollector is running while at least one dependency-enabled RedisCachingBackend instance is running, you must initiate full garbage collection by calling the PerformFullCollectionAsync(RedisCachingBackend, CancellationToken) method.


An implementation of CacheInvalidator that uses Redis publish/subscribe channels to invalidate several instances of local caches.


Options for RedisCacheInvalidator.


A CachingBackend for Redis, based on the StackExchange.Redis client.


Configuration for RedisCachingBackend.