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TwoLayerCachingBackendEnhancer.GetItemAsyncCore Method

GetItemAsyncCore(String, Boolean, CancellationToken)

Asynchronously gets a cache item given its key. This protected method is part of the implementation API and is meant to be overridden in user code, not invoked. Arguments are already validated by the consumer API.

protected override Task<CacheValue> GetItemAsyncCore(string key, bool includeDependencies, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
Type Name Description
String key

The cache item.

Boolean includeDependencies

true if the Dependencies properties of the resulting CacheValue should be populated, otherwise false.

CancellationToken cancellationToken

A CancellationToken.

Type Description

A Task evaluating to a CacheValue, or evaluating to null if there is no item in cache of the given key.

CachingBackendEnhancer.GetItemAsyncCore(String, Boolean, CancellationToken)