PostSharpDeveloping Custom Aspects
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Developing Custom Aspects

This chapter describes how to build your own aspect. It includes the following topics:

Section Description
Developing Simple Aspects This topic describes how to create aspects that contain a single transformation (named simple aspects). It describes all kinds of simple aspects.
Understanding Aspect Lifetime and Scope This topic explains the lifetime of aspects, which are instantiated at build time, serialized, then deserialized at run time and executed.
Initializing Aspects This topic discusses different techniques to initialize aspects.
Aspect Configuration This topic describes the options of aspect configuration.
Validating Aspect Usage This topic shows how to validate that an aspect has been applied to a valid target declaration.
Developing Composite Aspects This topic describes how to create aspects that are composed of several primitive transformations, using advices and pointcuts.
Coping with Several Aspects on the Same Target This topic explains how to express aspect dependencies to prevent issues that would otherwise happen if several aspects are added to the same declaration.
Understanding Aspect Serialization This topic explains aspect serialization and how to customize it.
Customizing Aspect Appearance in Visual Studio This topic shows how aspects can influence how they appear in Visual Studio CodeLens, tooltips, and code saving metrics.
Consuming Dependencies from an Aspect This topic describes several strategies to consume services from aspects.