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This chapter covers the aspects that specific to XAML applications.

In this chapter

Section Description
Command This section shows how to implement the command pattern for the ICommand properties of your view model classes.
Dependency Property This section shows how to use the DependencyPropertyAttribute aspect to turn simple properties into fully-featured dependency properties that support data binding, validation, styling, etc.
Attached Property This section shows how to use the AttachedPropertyAttribute aspect to turn the simple properties into attached properties that are used in XAML to set the value on any object.

Additionally, if you are writing a XAML application, you may be interested in the following aspects:

Chapter Description
INotifyPropertyChanged This chapter shows how to automatically implement the <xref:System.ComponentModel.INotifyPropertyChanged> interface without boilerplate code.
Contracts This chapter describes how to validate the value of your fields, properties and parameters with custom attributes.
Weak Event This article shows how to turn normal events into weak events and prevent memory leaks.
Undo/Redo This chapter explains how to add undo/redo to your application with a minimum of handwritten code.