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This chapter addresses some technical questions related to the licensing of PostSharp. For business questions, please refer to our web site.

It contains the following topics:



Deploying License Keys

This topic shows how each developer can install the license key using the UI and how this can be done centrally by adding the license key to source control.

License Types

This topic describes different license types of PostSharp: per-developer, per-usage, and PostSharp Community.

License Audit

This topic explains that PostSharp does not validate the license key in a blocking way, but audits the use of license keys.

Sharing Source Code With Unlicensed Teams

This topic explains that you don't need to purchase a license if you need to build code that you didn't write yourself but uses PostSharp.

Installing and Servicing PostSharp License Server

This topic describes how system administrators can install and maintain the license server.