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IFieldOrPropertyInvoker Interface

Allows accessing the the value of fields or properties through the Value property of the IExpression interface. By default, the target instance of the field or property is this unless the property is static, and the base implementation of the property is invoked, i.e. the implementation before the current aspect layer. To change the default values, or to use the ?. null-conditional operator, use the With(InvokerOptions) method.

Namespace: Metalama.Framework.Code.Invokers
Assembly: Metalama.Framework.dll
public interface IFieldOrPropertyInvoker : IExpression, IHasType


Name Description

Gets an IFieldOrPropertyInvoker for the same field or property and target but with different options.

With(Object, InvokerOptions)

Gets an IFieldOrPropertyInvoker for the same field or property but with a different field or property and with different options.

Extension Methods

ExpressionFactory.CastTo(IExpression, IType)
ExpressionFactory.CastTo(IExpression, Type)