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Installing Metalama

This chapter provides instructions on how to install Metalama.

Metalama's core features are implemented via a set of NuGet packages, eliminating the need for a machine-based installation. However, if you are working on a project that utilizes Metalama, it is advisable to install the Metalama Tools for Visual Studio.

Article Description
Installing Metalama Tools for Visual Studio This article provides a guide on how to install Metalama Tools for Visual Studio. This extension is recommended for all users intending to utilize Metalama.
Installing the Metalama Command Line Tool This article outlines the process of downloading the Metalama Command Line Tool. It is not necessary to read this article during your initial familiarization with the tool.
Registering a license This article explains how to transition from the trial mode to Metalama Free or register a license key. You can skip this article until your trial period is active.