Metalama (preview)Conceptual documentation
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Conceptual documentation

Chapter Description
Release Notes The document provides a high-level changelog for all Metalama releases, highlighting key features and enhancements, and the status of each version
Installing Metalama This chapter provides instructions on how to install the different components of Metalama.
Using Metalama This chapter details how to use Metalama with prebuilt aspects. It does not, however, cover how to create your own aspects.
Metalama Patterns This chapter documents a set of high-quality, open-source aspects developed and supported by the Metalama team.
Creating aspects This chapter provides guidance on how to create your own aspects.
Verifying architecture This section offers insights on how to programmatically validate code against architecture rules or conventions.
Extending Metalama with the Roslyn API This chapter explains how to extend Metalama using the Roslyn API.
Configuration and troubleshooting This chapter discusses how to configure Metalama for specific situations or troubleshooting purposes.
Migrating from PostSharp This chapter sheds light on why, when, and how to migrate your projects from PostSharp to Metalama.
Under the hood This chapter covers a few implementation details.
Divorcing from Metalama This chapter provides a guide on how to remove Metalama from your codebase.