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Installing PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio

PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio are PostSharp's user interface. Install them on a developer's computer, does not affect the projects until the PostSharp NuGet package has been added to this project. See Installing PostSharp Into a Project for details.

To install PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio:

  1. Download the file PostSharp-full-X.X.X.exe from

  2. Run the file PostSharp-full-X.X.X.exe.

  3. Complete the installation configuration wizard. You will be asked to enter a license key or to start the trial period. The wizard may ask the permission to install NuGet Package Manager or to uninstall the user interface of PostSharp.

Note Note

The installer mentioned above contains Visual Studio extension packages for each version of Visual Studio supported by PostSharp. To save some space, use the file PostSharp-web-X.X.X.exe from This file contains the installer only and each Visual Studio extension package is downloaded on the fly during the installation process. The packages for Visual Studio versions not installed on your machine are not downloaded.

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