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Using PostSharp on a Build Server

PostSharp has been designed for frictionless use on build servers. PostSharp build-time components are deployed as NuGet packages, and are integrated with MSBuild. No component needs to be installed or configured on the build server, and no extra build step is necessary. If you choose not to check in NuGet packages in your source control, read Restoring Packages at Build Time.

Installing a License on the Build Server

There are several ways to install a license on the build server:

  • Don't install it. It is not necessary to install the license key on the build server unless you are using the features of PostSharp Logging.

  • Add your license key to the postsharp.config file and add this file to the source repository as described in Deploying License Keys.

  • Set an environment variable named PostSharpLicense to a semicolon-separated list of your license keys.

We do not recommend to install the license key on a build server using the user interface.

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