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Licensing of PostSharp Logging

The way PostSharp Logging is licensed differs from the other components of PostSharp. Depending on the license available during the build of your project, either PostSharp Logging Developer Edition or PostSharp Logging Standard Edition is selected.

This topic contains the following sections:

PostSharp Logging Developer Edition

During a software development process, you often need to trace the project behavior in run-time. This is where you choose the PostSharp Logging Developer Edition. It allows you to use the logging pattern anywhere in your project. PostSharp Logging Developer Edition is free of charge and included in all PostSharp products, even the free PostSharp Essentials.

The limitation of this edition is that the logging messages will be emitted up to 24 hours after the build of your assembly. After this period of time, your application will keep working, but the logging messages will no longer be emitted.

PostSharp Logging will switch itself to Developer Edition in the following situations:

  • When using PostSharp Essentials or another PostSharp product that does not include PostSharp Logging.

  • When building your code on a build server, unless the license key has been added to postsharp.config.

  • When building unmodified code on the machine of an unlicensed developer, using the feature described in Sharing Source Code With Unlicensed Teams.

PostSharp Logging Standard Edition

PostSharp Logging Standard Edition does not have the limitations of the Developer Edition.

PostSharp Logging Standard Edition is a commercial product. It can be purchased separately or as a part of PostSharp Ultimate or PostSharp Enterprise. See our web site for details regarding the PostSharp commercial offering.

Using PostSharp Logging on a Build Server

If your project uses PostSharp Logging and you need to build your project on a build server, you must configure a license key on the build server (regardless of the kind of license you are using). We recommend you add your license key to postsharp.config as described in Deploying License Keys.

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