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Ordering Advices

The section Coping with Several Aspects on the Same Target talks in terms of aspect dependencies and aspect ordering. Most of what has been said there is also valid to advices. When we talk of the order of execution of aspects, we actually mean the execution of advices ("aspects" themselves, "quoteInline", are never executed).

Dependencies defined at aspect level implicitly apply to all advices. When developing a composite aspect (see Developing Composite Aspects), it is possible to add dependencies directly to advice methods by annotating them with custom attributes of the namespace PostSharp.Aspects.Dependencies.

Note that all advices provided by an aspect are ordered in a single block. Suppose that a method is the target of advices Aspect1.MethodA, Aspect1.MethodB and Aspect2.MethodC. The next table shows valid and invalid orders:

Valid Orders Invalid Orders
Aspect1.MethodA, Aspect1.MethodB, Aspect2.MethodC Aspect1.MethodA, Aspect2.MethodC, Aspect1.MethodB
Aspect1.MethodB, Aspect1.MethodA, Aspect2.MethodC Aspect1.MethodB, Aspect2.MethodC, Aspect1.MethodA
Aspect2.MethodC, Aspect1.MethodA, Aspect1.MethodB
Aspect2.MethodC, Aspect1.MethodB, Aspect1.MethodA

Ordering Advices of the Same Aspect

Advices of the same aspect can be used using any custom attribute derived from AspectDependencyAttribute.

Because advices of the same aspect instance are necessarily ordered in block, it is appropriate to specify dependencies between aspect classes extensively, and specify ordering of advices only in the scope of the current aspect instance. The most appropriate dependency custom attribute for this purpose is AdviceDependencyAttribute, which accepts the name of the advice method as a parameter.

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