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Per-Developer Licenses

With per-developer licenses, the number of unique daily users is limited by the amount you purchase, but these users have an unlimited access to all features of the licensed product. The per-developer license is a floating license. It is not assigned to named users.

See also Sharing Source Code With Unlicensed Teams, a deprecated but still supported licensing option.

Installing a per-developer license

Per-developer licenses can be configured in source code, registered on a user machine, or managed by a license server. See Deploying License Keys for details.

Checking the current consumption of a per-developer license

There is currently no self-service access to check how many users are consuming your per-developer licenses. Contact our customer service.


Per-Developer Subscription is a perpetual license that will let you use any version of PostSharp released before the expiration of your subscription - forever.

License enforcement

Unlike many other products, PostSharp do not require users to register their device or activate the license key. They just need to use the common license key shared by the whole team. The enforcement of per-developer licenses is normally performed using an asynchronous license audit mechanism (see License Audit for details).