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Why Use PostSharp

How many times did you find yourself:

  • copying and pasting blocks of code to implement a functionality (for instance logging)?

  • implementing INotifyPropertyChanged manually – and forget a notification?

  • trying to understand the business logic behind a cluttered codebase?

  • struggling to add or modify functionality in an existing software?

  • debugging data races in multithreaded applications?

  • wondering why it’s so hard to build enterprise-grade software?

PostSharp started as an open-source project in 2004 and due to its popularity, it soon became a commercial product trusted by over 50,000 developers worldwide and over 1,000 leading corporations. More than 10% of all Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, Phillips, NetApp, BP, Comcast, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Deutsche Bank, Bosch, Siemens, and Oracle rely on PostSharp to reduce their development and maintenance costs.

With over a decade experience in boilerplate reduction, PostSharp is now the #1 best-selling pattern-aware extension to C# and VB and the only commercially-supported development tool for .NET.

In this chapter

Topic Description
Which Problems Does PostSharp Solve This topic describes which problems PostSharp attends to address.
Benefits of Pattern-Aware Compiler Extensions This topic defines the concept of Pattern-Aware Compiler and explains its benefits.
Benefits of PostSharp vs Alternatives This topic lists the competitive benefits of using PostSharp over alternatives.