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Breaking Changes in PostSharp 6.1

PostSharp 6.1 contains the following breaking changes:

Changes causing silent changes of behavior

  • Earlier versions of PostSharp Logging used the role as the name of the logger (in most frameworks) or context (in Serilog). PostSharp Logging 6.1 uses the source type instead, which makes more sense, but is a breaking change.

Changes causing build errors

  • We changed some method signatures in the API that allows you to build customized logging back-ends. The chances that you may be affected are minor.

Changes causing build warnings

  • We replaced the Logger class by LogSource. The new API requires C# 7.3. The old Logger still works. You will get a warning only when you call the GetLogger(String) method. For existing developments, we recommend to disable the warning using a #pragma directive.

Deprecated platforms and features

  • Visual Studio 2013 is no longer supported.

  • .NET Core SDK 2.0 is no longer supported as a build platform. See Requirements and Compatibility for details.