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IHierarchicalOptions<T> Interface

An interface, derived from the non-generic IHierarchicalOptions, that means that the options can be set on the type of declarations specified by the generic parameter.

Namespace: Metalama.Framework.Options
Assembly: Metalama.Framework.dll
public interface IHierarchicalOptions<in T> : IHierarchicalOptions, IIncrementalObject, ICompileTimeSerializable where T : class, IDeclaration
Type Parameters
Name Description

The type of declarations on which the options can be set or read.


See the remarks for the non-generic IHierarchicalOptions interface.

Extension Methods

IncrementalObjectExtensions.ApplyChangesSafe<T>(T, T, in ApplyChangesContext)
IncrementalObjectExtensions.ApplyChanges<T>(T, T, in ApplyChangesContext)

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