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ILocationInterceptionArgs.Execute Method

Execute<TPayload>(ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload>, ref TPayload)

Executes a delegate for the current LocationInterceptionArgs. This method allows to execute strongly-typed operations and avoid boxing required by the weakly typed ILocationInterceptionArgs interface.

void Execute<TPayload>(ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload> action, ref TPayload payload)
Type Name Description
ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload> action

Class (typically a singleton) that contains the generic method Execute<TValue>(ILocationInterceptionArgs<TValue>, ref TPayload) that will be executed with the right method generic argument.

TPayload payload

An argument being passed to the Execute<TValue>(ILocationInterceptionArgs<TValue>, ref TPayload) method of the action parameter.

Type Parameters
Name Description

Type of the payload.