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ILocationInterceptionArgs.Execute Method

Execute<TPayload>(ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload>, ref TPayload)

Executes a delegate for the current LocationInterceptionArgs. This method allows to execute strongly-typed operations and avoid boxing required by the weakly typed ILocationInterceptionArgs interface.

void Execute<TPayload>(ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload> action, ref TPayload payload)
Type Name Description
ILocationInterceptionArgsAction<TPayload> action

Class (typically a singleton) that contains the generic method Execute<TValue>(ILocationInterceptionArgs<TValue>, ref TPayload) that will be executed with the right method generic argument.

TPayload payload

An argument being passed to the Execute<TValue>(ILocationInterceptionArgs<TValue>, ref TPayload) method of the action parameter.

Type Parameters
Name Description

Type of the payload.


This method is ignored by the advice optimizer. As a result, the optimizer will not know that the action implementation uses any feature of the LocationInterceptionArgs object, and the code supporting these features won't be generated. If these features are required by action, they must be referenced inside the OnGetValue(LocationInterceptionArgs) or OnSetValue(LocationInterceptionArgs) method.