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LogEventMetadata.VisitProperties Method

VisitProperties<TVisitorState>(Object, ILoggingPropertyVisitor<TVisitorState>, ref TVisitorState, in LoggingPropertyVisitorOptions)

Invokes an action for each property in the raw CLR object of a LogEventData.

public virtual void VisitProperties<TVisitorState>(object data, ILoggingPropertyVisitor<TVisitorState> visitor, ref TVisitorState visitorState, in LoggingPropertyVisitorOptions visitorOptions = null)
Type Name Description
Object data

The raw CLR object, typically Data.

ILoggingPropertyVisitor<TVisitorState> visitor

The visitor.

TVisitorState visitorState

An opaque value passed to visitor.

LoggingPropertyVisitorOptions visitorOptions

Determines which properties need to be visited. By default, all properties are visited.

Type Parameters
Name Description

The type of the visitorState parameter, an opaque value passed to visitor.