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MulticastImplementation.BuildAspect Method

BuildAspect<T>(IAspectBuilder<T>, Action<IAspectBuilder<T>>)

This method must be called from the BuildAspect(IAspectBuilder<T>) method of the aspect class. It adds the aspect to child declarations that match the IMulticastAttribute properties. If the aspect is applied to a potential concrete target declaration (see ConcreteTargets), it calls an optional delegate that should provide advice to this target.

public void BuildAspect<T>(IAspectBuilder<T> builder, Action<IAspectBuilder<T>> implementConcreteAspect = null)
where T : class, IDeclaration
Type Name Description
IAspectBuilder<T> builder

The IAspectBuilder<TAspectTarget>.

System.Action<IAspectBuilder<T>> implementConcreteAspect

An action called when the aspect is applied on a concrete target declaration (see ConcreteTargets).

Type Parameters
Name Description