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IAdviceFactory.AddAnnotation Method

AddAnnotation<TDeclaration>(TDeclaration, IAnnotation<TDeclaration>, Boolean)

Adds a custom annotation to a declaration. An annotation is an arbitrary but serializable object that can then be retrieved using the GetAnnotations<TAnnotation>() method of the Enhancements<T>(T) object. Annotations are a way of communication between aspects or classes of aspects.

void AddAnnotation<TDeclaration>(TDeclaration declaration, IAnnotation<TDeclaration> annotation, bool export = false)
where TDeclaration : class, IDeclaration
Type Name Description
TDeclaration declaration

The declaration to which the annotation should be added.

IAnnotation<TDeclaration> annotation

The annotation.

System.Boolean export

A value indicating whether the annotation should be exported and made visible to other projects. Unless this parameter is set to true, the annotation will only be visible to the current project.

Type Parameters
Name Description

The type of declaration.