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IAdviceFactory.IntroduceMethod Method

IntroduceMethod(INamedType, String, IntroductionScope, OverrideStrategy, Action<IMethodBuilder>, Object, Object)

Introduces a new method or overrides the implementation of the existing one.

IIntroductionAdviceResult<IMethod> IntroduceMethod(INamedType targetType, string template, IntroductionScope scope, OverrideStrategy whenExists, Action<IMethodBuilder> buildMethod = null, object args = null, object tags = null)
Type Name Description
INamedType targetType

The type into which the method must be introduced.

System.String template

Name of the method of the aspect class that will be used as a template for the introduced method. This method must be annotated with TemplateAttribute. This method can parameters and a return type. The actual parameters and return type of the introduced method can be modified using the IMethodBuilder returned by this method.

IntroductionScope scope

Determines the scope (e.g. Instance or Static) of the introduced method. The default scope depends on the scope of the template method. If the method is static, the introduced method is static. However, if the template method is non-static, then the introduced method copies of the scope of the target declaration of the aspect.

OverrideStrategy whenExists

Determines the implementation strategy when a method of the same name and signature is already declared in the target type. The default strategy is to fail with a compile-time error.

System.Action<IMethodBuilder> buildMethod
System.Object args

An object (typically of anonymous type) whose properties map to parameters or type parameters of the template methods.

System.Object tags

An optional opaque object of anonymous type passed to the template method and exposed under the Tags property of the meta API.

Type Description

An IMethodBuilder that allows to modify the name or signature, or to add custom attributes.

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