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Interface ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>

Defines the semantics of a dynamic advice that can be applied to an AdvisableCollection<T>.

Namespace: PostSharp.Patterns.Collections.Advices
Assembly: PostSharp.Patterns.Common.dll
public interface ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T> : ICollectionDynamicAdviceBase, IDynamicAdvice, IDynamicInterfaceImplementation
Type Parameters
Name Description

Type of collection items.


Name Description

Empties the advised collection.

InsertItem(Int32, T, AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Inserts an item into the advised collection.

InsertMany(Int32, T[], AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Inserts several items to the advised collection.

MoveItem(T, Int32, Int32, AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Moves an item of the advised collection from an old index to a new index.

RemoveItem(Int32, T, AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Removes an item from the advised collection.

RemoveMany(Int32, T[], AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Removes several items from the advised collection.

SetItem(Int32, T, T, AdviceEnumerator<ICollectionDynamicAdvice<T>>)

Replaces an item in the advised collection.


Copies the advised collection into a new array.