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PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.RecordBuilders Namespace



Builds log record (typically, but not necessarily a string) for an action. You can think of the LogRecordBuilder as a semantic System.Text.StringBuilder. PostSharp emits code that invoke methods such as SetParameter<T>(Int32, String, ParameterKind, String, T) or SetReturnValue<T>(Int32, String, String, T, IFormatter<T>), and the responsibility of the LogRecordBuilder is to format a record and emit it to the back-end.


Enumerates the kinds of semantic parameters passed to the AppendSemanticParameter<T>(SemanticParameterKind, ArraySegment<Char>, T, IFormatter<T>, String, Int32) method. The enumeration is a bit mask. Values can be combined with the | operator.


An implementation of LogRecordBuilder that builds text-based log records. This class is the base class for most back-ends.