PostSharpAPI ReferencePost­Sharp.​Patterns.​Diagnostics.​CustomIContext­Local­Logger
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IContextLocalLogger Interface

Abstraction of custom logging methods where the contact has already been resolved.

Namespace: PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.Custom
Assembly: PostSharp.Patterns.Common.dll
public interface IContextLocalLogger : ILoggerExceptionHandler


Name Description
GetRecordBuilder(in CustomLogRecordOptions, ref CallerInfo, ILoggingContext)

Gets a record builder.


Determines whether logging is enabled for a given LogLevel.

OpenActivity(in OpenActivityOptions, ref CallerInfo)

Opens a new context for a custom activity.

ResumeActivity(ILoggingContext, ref CallerInfo)

Resumes an asynchronous activity suspended by the SuspendActivity(ILoggingContext, ref CallerInfo) method.

SetWaitDependency(ILoggingContext, Object)

Sets the wait dependency for a given context, i.e. give information about what the given context is waiting (or awaiting) for.

SuspendActivity(ILoggingContext, ref CallerInfo)

Suspends an asynchronous activity, which can then be resumed by the ResumeActivity(ILoggingContext, ref CallerInfo) method.