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What's New in PostSharp 6.6


Some users of PostSharp Essentials may be affected while upgrading to PostSharp Community. See Breaking Changes in PostSharp 6.6 for details.

PostSharp Community

We're introducing PostSharp Community, our new free edition in replacement of PostSharp Essentials. For details, see PostSharp Essentials.

Per-usage subscriptions

The software development industry has traditionally charged their customers by user, but we think there are many situations in which a per-developer pricing just does not make sense.

We're introducing a per-usage pricing, where you the price is not proportional to the number of daily unique users, but to the number of lines of code to which you apply our product. Therefore, you can start with a small budget, even in a large team.

Per-usage licenses are no longer offered.

PostSharp SDK open to end users, and community add-ins

Starting from PostSharp 6.6, we’re giving our users the keys to a secret chamber that we’ve previously kept for ourselves: the realm of low-level MSIL development using PostSharp SDK, the layer on which high-level components such as PostSharp Aspect Framework are built.

Access to the lower layers of PostSharp SDK is included in all editions including the free PostSharp Community.

Additionally, we're supporting an open-source initiative to create or port add-ins for PostSharp. See our GitHub organization for details.

Community add-ins will be maintained as different projects, so we won't report progress in this documentation.