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ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute Class

Custom attribute meaning that custom attributes of a given type are bound to the implementation, not to the semantics.

Namespace: PostSharp.Extensibility
Assembly: PostSharp.dll
public sealed class ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute : Attribute

This custom attribute influences whether instances of a given other custom attribute should be moved from the semantic to the implementation, when the semantic is detached from the implementation.

The ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute is currently only honored when you apply an interception aspect (LocationInterceptionAspect) to a field. In this case, PostSharp creates a property from the field. The property becomes the semantic and the field, made private, becomes the implementation. Most custom attributes apply to semantics, so they are moved from the field the property. If a custom attribute must not be moved, it should be marked with the ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute custom attribute.


Name Description

Initializes the new ImplementationBoundAttributeAttribute.


Name Description

Gets the type of the custom attribute that should not be moved from implementation to semantic.