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StrictRangeAttribute Class

Custom attribute that, when added to a field, property or parameter, throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException if the target is assigned a value that is not strictly within the given range.

Namespace: PostSharp.Patterns.Contracts
Assembly: PostSharp.Patterns.Common.dll
public class StrictRangeAttribute : RangeAttribute, ILocationLevelAspect, IValidableAnnotation, IAspect

Null values are accepted and do not throw an exception.

Floating-point values are tested to be strictly within the given bounds with a tolerance value. The tolerance value is equal to the distance of the value closest to the bounds according to the precision of the respective floating-point numerical data type.

Error message is identified by StrictRangeErrorMessage.

Error message can use additional arguments {4} and {5} to refer to the bounds.


Name Description
StrictRangeAttribute(Double, Double)

Initializes a new StrictRangeAttribute with given floating-point bounds.

StrictRangeAttribute(Int64, Int64)

Initializes a new StrictRangeAttribute with given integer bounds.

StrictRangeAttribute(UInt64, UInt64)

Initializes a new StrictRangeAttribute with given UInt64 bounds.


Name Description
CreateException(Object, String, LocationKind, LocationValidationContext)

Gets unformatted error message as defined by the instance.