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AggregatableExtensions Class

Provides extension methods to the IAggregatable interface.

Namespace: PostSharp.Patterns.Model
Assembly: PostSharp.Patterns.Aggregation.dll
public static class AggregatableExtensions : Object


Name Description
GetChildren(IAggregatable, ChildVisitorOptions)

Gets the list of children of a specified parent object.

GetDistinctChildren(IAggregatable, ChildVisitorOptions)

Gets a list of distinct children of a specified parent object.

IsDescendantOf(IAggregatable, Object)

Determines whether a specified object is a descendant of a specified ancestor.

VisitSelfAndDescendants(IAggregatable, DescendantVisitor, ChildVisitorOptions, Object)

Executes a ChildVisitor for the a specified parent object and all its descendants.