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IAspectInstance Interface

Represents an instance of an aspect. The instance of the IAspect itself is in the Aspect property.

Namespace: Metalama.Framework.Aspects
Assembly: Metalama.Framework.dll
public interface IAspectInstance : IAspectPredecessor


Name Description

Gets the aspect instance.


Gets the aspect type.


Gets the optional opaque object defined by the aspect for the specific TargetDeclaration using the AspectState property of the IAspectBuilder interface.


Gets a value indicating whether the current aspect instance can be inherited by derived declarations.


Gets a value indicating whether the current aspect instance has been skipped. This value is true if the aspect evaluation resulted in an error or if the BuildAspect(IAspectBuilder<T>) method invoked SkipAspect(), if it has been excluded using ExcludeAspectAttribute, or when the target declaration was not eligible.


Gets the other instances of the same AspectClass on the same TargetDeclaration. When several instances of the same AspectClass are found on the same TargetDeclaration, they are ordered by priority, and only the first one gets executed. The other instances are exposed on this property.

Extension Methods