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IEventInterceptionAspect.OnInvokeHandler Method


Method invoked when the event to which the current aspect is applied is fired, for each delegate of this event, and instead of invoking this delegate.

void OnInvokeHandler(EventInterceptionArgs args)
Type Name Description
EventInterceptionArgs args

Handler arguments.


Because of the way how the C# compiler implements field-like events (i.e. events where you don't implement the Add and Remove semantics manually), the Invoke Event Handler semantic ( OnInvokeHandler(EventInterceptionArgs) or equivalent) shall not be invoked for delegates that have been added from inside the class that declares this event.


The Invoke Event Handler semantic is different from normal event firing. Indeed, when you fire an event, all handlers that were added to this event are fired. However, the current method invokes only a single handler: the one passed to the handler parameter.