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ILocationBinding Interface

Interface through which a field- or property-level aspect or advice can invoke the next node in the chain of invocation.

Namespace: PostSharp.Aspects
Assembly: PostSharp.dll
public interface ILocationBinding


Name Description

Gets the DeclarationIdentifier of the declaration that the binding represents.


Gets metadata information about the field or property represented by the current binding.


Gets the type of the field or property.


Name Description
Execute<TPayload>(ILocationBindingAction<TPayload>, ref TPayload)

Provides a mechanism to execute a strongly-typed action that depends on the type of the current location.

GetValue(ref Object, Arguments)

Invokes the Get semantic on the next node in the chain of invocation.

SetValue(ref Object, Arguments, Object)

Invokes the Set semantic on the next node in the chain of invocation.

Extension Methods

LocationBindingExtensions.GetValue(ILocationBinding, Object, Arguments)
LocationBindingExtensions.GetValue(ILocationBinding, Object)
LocationBindingExtensions.SetValue(ILocationBinding, Object, Arguments, Object)
LocationBindingExtensions.SetValue(ILocationBinding, Object, Object)

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