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TextLogRecordBuilder.SetParameter Method

SetParameter<T>(Int32, String, ParameterKind, String, T, IFormatter<T>)

Sets the value of a given parameter and specifies the Formatter<T>.

public override void SetParameter<T>(int index, string parameterName, ParameterKind parameterKind, string typeName, T value, IFormatter<T> formatter)
Type Name Description
Int32 index

Index of the parameter in the list of method parameters.

System.String parameterName

Name of the parameter (only included if the IncludeParameterName property is true).

ParameterKind parameterKind

The kind of the parameter (whether the parameter is by ref or by value, input or output).

System.String typeName

Formatted name of the type T (only included if the IncludeParameterType property is true).

T value

Value of the parameter (only included if the IncludeParameterValue property is true).

IFormatter<T> formatter

Formatter to be used to format value.

Type Parameters
Name Description

Type of the parameter.

PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.RecordBuilders.LogRecordBuilder.SetParameter<T>(System.Int32, System.String, PostSharp.Reflection.ParameterKind, System.String, T, PostSharp.Patterns.Formatters.IFormatter<T>)

The return value is set by the method SetReturnValue<T>(Int32, String, String, T, IFormatter<T>). Thus the value of the parameterKind is never ReturnValue or ReturnRef.