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TextLogRecordBuilder.SetReturnValue Method

SetReturnValue<T>(Int32, String, String, T, IFormatter<T>)

Sets a given return value (there can be several return values in C# 7.0) and uses a given formatter.

public override void SetReturnValue<T>(int index, string returnValueName, string typeName, T value, IFormatter<T> formatter)
Type Name Description
Int32 index

Index of the return value.

System.String returnValueName

Name of the return value, or null if there is only one return value in the method.

System.String typeName

Formatted name of the type T.

T value

Return value.

IFormatter<T> formatter

The formatter to be used to format T.

Type Parameters
Name Description

Type of the return value.

PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics.RecordBuilders.LogRecordBuilder.SetReturnValue<T>(System.Int32, System.String, System.String, T, PostSharp.Patterns.Formatters.IFormatter<T>)