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AggregatableAttributeTargetClass Class

Describes the members that are introduced or overridden by the AggregatableAttribute aspect. You can define one or many of these members in classes that are the target of AggregatableAttribute to reacts to events of the Aggregatable pattern.

Namespace: PostSharp.Patterns.Model
Assembly: PostSharp.Patterns.Aggregation.dll
public class AggregatableAttributeTargetClass : Object


This class it for documentation purpose only, and should not be used in code.

Additionally to declaring the members documented in this class, target classes of the AggregatableAttribute can also implement the IAttachable interface, which adds Attach and Detach semantics to the IAggregatable class.


Name Description

Method invoked when an ancestor of the current object has changed. Implement this method only if the target class of AggregatableAttribute implements the IAggregatable interface. For other use cases, subscribe to the AncestorChanged event.

OnChildAttached(Object, ChildInfo)

Method invoked when a child has been attached to the current object.

OnChildDetached(Object, ChildInfo)

Method invoked when a child has been detached from the current object.


Method invoked when the Parent of the current object has been changed.

VisitChildren(ChildVisitor, ChildVisitorOptions)

Executes an action for all direct children of the current object. Implement this method in the target class of AggregatableAttribute if you want to provide children objects that are not managed by the AggregatableAttribute aspect.